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Find an Affordable Security Camera: Top Three Dummy Cameras

Law enforcement authorities will tell you that for home security next to having a barking dog in your house the next best thing is to have security cameras outside. When burglars see cameras for security or surveillance cameras they tend to pick on someone else. They just don’t want to get caught. They are well aware of the fact that they are a key tool in their apprehension while doing their “jobs.”

A testament to the effectiveness of them is there use in businesses. You would be hard-pressed to find a business without some kind of security camera or surveillance camera on the outside of their building or on the inside and usually both. And unfortunately, it is because businesses are the targets of burglary and robbery too.

But one out of six homes on an annual basis is a target of a burglary. Burglary is one of the few areas of crime now that’s on the increase. Many people can’t afford real security cameras which can be expensive and chances are you need more than one. That is where dummy cameras come into play. They are a fraction of the cost of the real thing and provide such a realistic look that no one can tell the difference.

Here are three of the most popular dummy security cameras. After you read about them, you may want to check them out for yourself for your own home security

Dome cameras are the most popular security cameras in the world. They outsell any other kind of security camera by a wide margin. There is a fake security dome camera with a 24-hour flashing LED that can mount easily to a ceiling or wall. No wiring is needed because it uses two AA batteries. It has a very realistic appearance that even the most sophisticated criminal will think is a high-tech surveillance camera. The flashing red LED light draws extra attention to the camera particularly at night. This camera can be used in a business but is more at home as a home camera.

Bullet cameras are the second most popular type of surveillance camera. This weatherproof bullet camera has multiple infrared LEDs that blink 24/7. It can be used indoor or outdoors and comes with all the needed hardware to mount it. It is our second most popular dummy security camera for good reason-it is so realistic no one can tell the difference from the real thing.

Another popular dummy camera is one that detects motion and sweeps back and forth with a flashing LED light. The unbelievable part of this camera is the price which is why it is the most popular of all Dummy Security Cameras. It is only $5.95 and it comes in black chrome color too. It uses three AA batteries. All mounting hardware is included and it adjusts to almost any angle. It has a motorized detection sensor and pan movement for a very realistic look.

Our Bullet Dummy Camera has a 24/7 IR blinking light.

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