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Who Needs Home Security Products?

Last year the FBI estimated that nearly one out of every five homes would be a victim of a home burglary. For the bad guys it’s a lucrative and relatively easy crime to commit. The payoff is pretty good, and the risks of getting caught are less than 5%, according to law enforcement authorities. It is one of the few categories of crime that is actually on the increase. The police just can’t be everywhere all the time. That’s where home security products play a big role.

They can deter a burglar to the point of actually making it uncomfortable for him to break in or in the alternative if he does get in, scare him away without stealing anything. There are exceptions but generally speaking if you own a home, a town home, condominium, or live in an apartment complex or dorm room-anywhere with the possible exception of a jail cell-you can use home security products to help keep you and your family safer.

Here we are going to discuss some broad categories of home security products. We can’t cover them all because there are so many, but they are all effective and can work at improving your home security and preventing burglary or even home invasions.

The first broad category is security cameras. When a burglar sees a security camera outside a home, more than likely he will choose another target. But for financial reasons many people don’t get real security cameras. The fake security cameras that are on the market today are so realistic looking that no one can tell them apart from the real thing. Many of them have blinking, red LED lights, and several of them even move-panning left and right. That is why they are so effective.

There are two categories of alarms that are very effective. The first is a motion detection alarm. In general terms when they are set they protect a specified area. When that area is violated the alarm goes off. One of the most famous of all motion detection alarms is the electronic watchdog. Once set if the protected area is violated, the sound of an angry barking dog begins. That is enough to scare any burglar away.

The other category of alarms are door/window alarms. These are very inexpensive alarms and protect a door or window. Once a contact is broken on the door or window a loud alarm sounds.

We have 26 Motion Sensor Alarms that sound a loud alarm when motion is detected in a protected area.

One of our 14 Window/Door Alarms can act as an effective burglar alarm.

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