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Most Popular Child Safety Devices

For any parent who has small children, you know that they can be a source of great joy and even greater anxiety. Children are naturally curious, enough to get into trouble unknowingly and quite innocently. So many of them get injured every year that it is no wonder that there are so many child safety devices available.

For example, almost half of all the close to 5 million dog bites annually happen to children. Here we are going to discuss some of the most popular child safety devices that can be a big assist for parents wanting to protect their children.

One of the most popular items was originally designed for use as a pet safety device, but it is equally effective for children. It is a bright LED light that can be seen from a half-mile away. It is weatherproof, waterproof and is available in a variety of colors. It can clip onto a belt loop or shirt. When it is activated by a push button, the LED flashes multiple colors.

There is another product that we have used with great success. Many people call it an electronic leash, but we don’t like that term. It is worn by the child and sends a signal to the receiver, which is held by the parent up to 30 feet away. If the child wanders beyond that range a beeping sound begins. The transmitter can be attached to clothing or worn on the wrist. This is a great product for parents who easily get distracted while shopping or out anywhere with their children. Nothing is more terrifying than the fear of a lost child,

Another popular child safety product can turn your driveway, garage or lawn into safer play areas by creating a visual barrier to help prevent kids from venturing into the street. The highly visible, water-resistant, bright white nylon netting with bright red edges expands to 20 feet in length and can prevent balls or toys from rolling into the street like a portable fence.

Many drownings of young children occur right in your backyard pool. A pool alarm can help protect your children by sounding a loud alarm when someone enters a pool unexpectedly.

Most parents have enough on their plate without having to worry about child safety. These child safety devices can help you relax a bit and take some of the stress out of everyday activities.

The TEDDY BEAR CHILD LOCATOR ALERT sounds an alarm when your child goes beyond a certain distance.

The GUARD DOG™ LEVEL 3A BULLETPROOF BACKPACK acts as a portable bulletproof defense against assailants.

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