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When Assaults Occur in Public Places, Self-Defense Products Can Help

One of the many things I’ve never been able to figure out is exactly why so many assaults, especially those on women, occur in public places. Domestic violence leads the list of assaults and those occur almost exclusively in the home, in private if you will. But close after that are assaults that occur near college campuses then in and around parking lots, both commercial and workplace parking lots.

You have heard the old expression that criminals aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, but why would they risk getting caught committing an assault in a public place where people are more likely to see them? I just don’t understand that unless they are just so desperate.

Believe it or not, college campuses are a haven for sexual assault whether or not committed in conjunction with a robbery. University officials do everything they can to hide crime statistics to keep that fact a secret. But the truth of the matter is that shady characters are attracted to pretty college coeds who usually have credit cards and cash with them, and they see them as easy targets.

There was a story about a campus assault recently. The story even mentions that most coeds arm themselves with pepper sprays because they’re so fearful of being attacked. And they are doing the right thing because the burden for defending themselves falls squarely on their shoulders. University officials and local law enforcement cannot be everywhere to protect them.

Shopping mall parking lots and workplace parking lots are havens for criminals as well. Almost all shopping malls have hired extra security personnel to keep an eye on their female customers. The reason predators target mall customers is because they are easily distracted. They are frequently with a friend, talking on a cell phone or trying to keep track of their youngsters. So the female customers have plenty of distractions which makes them easy targets for cunning criminals.

Workplace parking lots or work place garages for employee cars make excellent places for assaults too. Many employees work odd hours, which can mean there are not many people around when they get off work.

One of the best things that women can do in these types of situations is arm themselves with some self-defense products such as a Keychain Pepper Spray. They are an inexpensive, effective way to defend yourself. And because it’s on a key chain it is literally with you wherever your keys go.

We have over 150 varieties of quality Pepper Sprays to choose from. One of them will be just what you are looking for.

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