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Two New Hidden Nanny Cameras To Monitor Your Home and Family

Technology is changing all the time. Manufacturers of hidden spy cameras are constantly coming up with new ideas and new ways to hide the cameras that are becoming so successful at doing so many things. Examples are keeping an eye on the babysitter or the nanny. Or a spy camera can be used to catch a dishonest employee in a small business. Or it can be used for basic home security, for anybody breaking into the house.

And it seems there are always new uses being discovered for hidden cameras especially when it comes to home security and keeping an eye on your babysitter. Here are two new spy cameras to do just that without them knowing it.

The main purpose of these hidden cameras is to discover people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. So it’s up to the manufacturers to hide the cameras in products that people see on a day-to-day basis and would never think twice about seeing them. I remember back in the days when the teddy bear was first introduced as a nanny camera. Believe it or not the teddy bear is still a big seller as far as a nanny cam goes.

The spinoff of the teddy bear idea as a nanny camera is the new plush talking puppy dog called “Violet” that can keep an eye on your child and your nanny or babysitter. It is a cuddly plush dog with all its original functions intact including talking. Just set “Violet” in a room and use the remote control to begin recording. The DVR is a motion activated device that uses 16 GB of internal memory to store recordings. You download the video or recharge the battery using the USB cable. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours of continuous recording. There is another version called “Scout” for a boy’s room.

Talk about covert! Just about everybody has DVDs for family recreation. The latest entry into covert cameras is a  DVD Cover Camera  that has a 30 hour recording time using a micro SD card. Inside the DVD cover is a DVR and camera, both using a rechargeable battery that can be operated by a remote control. The camera has a 72° recording angle which allows you to record practically any normal sized room. The spy camera can fit in your DVD collection on a shelf so no one will ever notice that they are being recorded. The DVR uses motion detection to record all activity. There is another version of this covert camera with a 10 hour recording time.

When it comes to home security and keeping an eye on your babysitter those are two new spy cameras to do just that without them knowing it.

The purple talking puppy dog   Violet Nanny Camera  is a new effective tool to keep an eye on your baby and nanny.

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