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Top Pepper Sprays – Product Reviews

In this article we’re going to review three of the most popular and effective pepper sprays available. Pepper sprays, as you may know, are one of the premier self-defense products for female self-defense and anyone’s personal protection against assaults. They provide a nonlethal way to defend yourself by disabling an assailant for up to 45 minutes.

They do this by causing intense pain, tearing of the eyes, general disorientation and making breathing very difficult. These symptoms are not long-lasting and dissipate gradually over time.

There are many brands of defensive sprays in the marketplace besides the ones that we are talking about today. Mace is one of the more popular ones along with Pepper Shot and Wildfire. But here we are reviewing Streetwise, Saber and Fox Labs pepper sprays.

Fox Labs was established in 1992 to manufacture the best defensive spray products for the civilian market. They realized that they had a bigger market in law enforcement agencies. So they changed some other formulas and improved them to the point where their sprays are used by more law enforcement agencies than any other brand.

They believe that the only thing that counts in terms of effectiveness is what is called Scoville heat units or SHU. They contend that a percentage of OC spray in a product can be misleading. SHU’s are a common measure of the relative hotness of a product. “In 1998 they introduced a 2% OC formula that measures 5.3 million SHU’s making it the hottest pepper spray available.” Because of the potency of their product Fox labs defensive sprays quickly became a favorite for female self-defense and personal protection.

Saber brand defensive sprays is another American manufacturer. They produce some of the most innovative and high quality products for personal protection and female self-defense. Their products are also used by thousands of law enforcement agencies. They claim that the most important technical measurement is called major capsaicinoids which measures the entire pepper spray formulation. Most pepper sprays are.18% major capsaicinoids, but Saber brands use.67% or approximately 4 times hotter than most competitors.

 Streetwise brand is perhaps the least well-known of the three we’re comparing today. They use an independent laboratory to test the hotness of their sprays using what they call Certified Heat Rating or CHR that “measures how hot spray is at the point of impact on the attacker.” Their pepper sprays are as much as 87% hotter than competing brands and they are very cost-effective too.

Fox Labs Sprays are used by more law enforcement agencies than any other pepper sprays.

We offer 42 models of Streetwise Defensive Sprays. One of them will be just right for you.

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