Auto Safety Equipment – The Need for Auto Safety Devices

Many people spend as much as four hours a day commuting back and forth to their jobs-some of that time is spent driving at night and/or driving through dangerous neighborhoods. The likelihood of an emergency while you’re in your car is not as high as it used to be is still there.

Here are some ideas that you may want to think about in terms of auto safety devices for your car. It is much better to be prepared for an emergency than not prepared.

Emergency tools in your car can increase the chances of personal safety in any kind of situation. With flat tires, snowstorms, car jackings and any other dire circumstance you can think of, auto safety devices are designed to help keep you safe.

The very first thing that we would recommend is that you always carry a self-defense product in your car. Pepper spray is out of the question because they are packaged under pressure and are liable to explode in a car. So we recommend a product that is a dual function flashlight and stun gun. It can be easily carried in your glove compartment so it’s out of your way until needed. It is only 6.75 inches long but it is a very bright flashlight at 160 lumen and a powerful stun device at 4.5 million volts.

Another common problem with cars is losing keys. There is a key hider with powerful magnets that holds firm on the roughest bumps on the road that can be hidden underneath your car and holds 5 to 6 large keys. It is made of ABS plastic and will not rust.

A product that many people like is a tire bumper that truckers use to test tire pressure. It’s made out of very hard cedar wood with a leather wrist strap that makes it an easy striking tool for self-defense. It has a grooved handle for easy gripping, is 19 inches long and weighs 20 ounces.

The most popular auto safety device for emergencies is a 29 piece roadside emergency kit that has a durable canvas bag that doubles as a car top emergency triangle, a pair of gloves, a raincoat, insulating tape, utility knife, tire pressure gauge, flashlight, a set of jumper cables and much more.

Those are some suggestions for auto safety devices that can help you in any situation in your car. Emergency tools are almost a must for improving your personal safety while you’re on the road.

The 29 piece Roadside Emergency Kit has many useful tools to keep you safe in an emergency.

The powerful Diablo Stun Flashlight is 4.5 million volts and has a 160 lumen light.

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