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Taser Usage Up

Taser Usage Up

In a story that we wrote well over a year ago about why Tasers Are So Good we explain how they work. “The Taser fires two dart like electrodes, for civilians up to 15 feet away, for law enforcement nearly 35 feet. The barbs are designed to penetrate clothing and prevent removal once in place. The new shaped pulse technology interrupts the ability of the brain to control the muscles creating an immediate and unavoidable incapacitation that has been proven time and time again to be nearly 100% effective. The range of the Taser allows the user to defend himself in a nonlethal manner from a safer distance than most other self-defense products.”

Tasers are used by over 17,000 law enforcement agencies and currently at least 15 countries worldwide. They are the premier nonlethal self-defense product in a law enforcement officer’s arsenal of tools.

Today we will share with you some information about Tasers and some recent stories about Taser guns.

In the first story from Albany, Georgia law enforcement officials have come to the conclusion that the nonlethal force of a Taser is a much better alternative than the deadly force by handgun-thus saving lives.

In this story administrators of the local community college are evaluating and updating plans to keep the campus safe. This conversation is happening all over the country in the face of recent attacks on schools, community colleges and universities. At the heart of the discussion is the use of tasers as a nonlethal alternative but they point out that nothing can take the place of vigilance and awareness.

In this story, from the CBS affiliate in Boston, the authors point out that the Taser usage has doubled in the last two years with no reported deaths. The story discusses when should Tasers be used and points out that not only do they save the lives of police officers in the face of deadly force, but also of suspects who have failed to comply with lawful orders.

You may be aware of all the unrest at the University of Missouri recently, better known as Mizzou, where the University President was literally forced to resign because of social unrest and conflict. In this article, a social media message is quoted where students are encouraged to carry pepper spray and Tasers to protect their “safe spaces” and African Americans from further aggression.

We carry all varieties of Taser Guns and accessories that are available to civilians. Remember, you have to pass a background check before your Taser can be activated.

When it comes to your self-defense and your life is on the line, how important is the cost factor to you? Voice your opinion with us and chime in with your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many amps in a taser?

Taser models all utilize a safe output of amps that are high enough to incapacitate a target but low enough to prevent any lasting harm. Amperage matters and as such Taser is the first choice for how police officers choose to subdue a target allowing for an immediate takedown with non-lethal results.

What does pepper spray feel like?

Pepper spray feels like your lungs, nose, and mouth are burning. It will make your eyes swell shut and have you coughing and gagging, some people cough and gag so hard that they can throw up. In addition your skin will burn as well leaving you with an intense discomfort and pain for hours or until washed off.

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