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Self Defense: The Best Three Flashlight Stun Guns

You probably already know that stun guns are the second most popular self-defense product there are. Of all those models of stun devices, by far and away the most popular is the flashlight stun gun. The reason is simple! It represents a good value because it combines the power of a self-defense product-the stun device-with the utility of a flashlight.

It should be noted that almost every stun gun manufacturer makes a flashlight stun device as part of their product lineup. They would be crazy not to because they are so popular. Manufacturers such as Zap, Streetwise, Stun Master and Guard Dog lead the way.

Here are the best values in flashlight stun guns that can be used for self-defense.

One of the best values is a 1,000,000 volt flashlight that has a six LED illumination. When charged it makes an intimidating arc spark and crackling sound that is enough to scare anyone by itself. It is housed in a high quality aluminum casing and is only 6 inches long and 1 inch wide and weighs 9 ounces. It has a safety switch with an on/off LED indicator. It recharges in four hours that provides enough power for four hours of continuous flashlight use or thirty 1 second stuns. It comes with a nylon carrying case and belt clip. It also includes a recharging cord for the battery. When you get the stun gun you need to charge it for approximately 8 hours before it will be effective. And the best part is it only costs $54.95.

To our way of thinking this is the best value in a flashlight stun gun because it has 5,000,000 volts of stopping power and a 320 lumen ultra-bright flashlight with a bulb life of 100,000 hours. It is housed in a type III aluminum alloy body that is aircraft quality grade. It has an enhanced reflection that makes the light super-bright. The body is an anti-roll and shock proof model. It features a glass breaker and self-defense face for added protection. “It features a rigid no slip handle grip for swift one hand operation. There is an accidental discharge security switch built-in to this rechargeable stun flashlight.” It is only 6.75 inches long and comes with a premium leather holster, wall charger and car charger.

It needs to be charged for approximately 8 hours before it can be effectively used. Like all Guard Dog brand products, it comes with a free 18% canister of pepper spray.

Check out all of our Flashlight Stun Guns to see which one you like the best.

The Diablo Flashlight Stun Gun is the best value in our opinion.

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