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Easy Self Defense Techniques – A Strategy in Three Steps

I attended a self-defense training class recently and learned some interesting things about how to use a cane for self-defense. I never really thought of a cane as a weapon, but if you know what you’re doing you can do some serious damage using a cane.

Here we’ll talk about how to develop a self-defense strategy in three easy steps. It will incorporate some of the techniques I learned in that class.

Just about everybody these days will need to know how to defend themselves. Children in grade school and high school are faced with bullies all the time. Even adults are faced with bullies, but that’s another story. Adults, particularly women, who are assaulted nine times more often than men, should learn some self-defense techniques as a baseline of self-defense strategy.

Included in those self-defense techniques, which can be learned in as little as an hour, are some places on the body that are particularly sensitive and can be used as striking points either with a hand or with a cane. So if you are a senior citizen and use a cane or are disabled and use a cane, don’t think you’re more prone to be a victim than anybody else. A cane is a dangerous tool if you know what to do.

Here are some striking points that are particularly effective.

If you take your hand or your cane and deliver a powerful blow to the front of the throat, it can cause extreme pain and possibly gagging.

As distasteful as this may sound, perhaps one of the most vulnerable areas is the eye and an eye gouge is not only painful and produces a lot of tears but I guarantee you that if done properly, a simple eye gouge will get your assailant to stop whatever he’s doing to you.

Another one of my favorites is to cup your hands and smash them as hard as you can against the assailant’s ears. That will cause disorientation and pain that will get him to stop as well.

Another area is the nose or underneath the nose itself. The nerve center at the bottom of the nose is very sensitive and can cause great pain and watery eyes if struck with your hand or a cane.

Once you learn some basic self-defense techniques it should be backed up by getting a self-defense weapon such as stun gun or pepper spray. These should be your first line of defense, then and if that fails, use the self-defense techniques to get you out of serious trouble.

The third step is to practice, practice, and practice some more. Practice what you would do in different emergency situations so that when the time comes how you will react will be second nature to you.

Those are the three steps you should take to learn a self-defense strategy.

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Learning some basic Self-Defense Techniques should form the basis for a self-defense strategy.

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