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Self Defense: Dog Attacks And Dog Bites-How To Protect Yourself

Millions and millions of Americans own pets. It’s hard to say at any one time how many dog owners versus cat owners there are but it’s in the millions. Most dog owners are conscientious about their dogs and obey leash laws that are in practically every city in the country. But there are some dog owners who are irresponsible, who don’t obey the law and as a result their dogs are loose and run the risk of starting or joining a pack which is even more dangerous. It’s these dogs that form a threat-and a formidable threat at that.

Dogs are by nature vicious animals. You only have to look no further than SWAT teams in every city or military police units. They all have canine components. These are dogs that are professionally trained to attack. Those are not the dogs that we’re talking about here. We are talking about dog attacks and dog bites that happen as a result of dogs that belong to our fellow citizens and run around loose.

Close to six million Americans get bitten by dogs every year. Nearly 20% of those require hospitalization. Those are just the reported figures. There are many more that are unreported. For those Americans who love to walk, jog or cycle dog attacks are constant threats. So it’s worth your time to learn some self-defense when it comes to dog attack defense.

Use some common sense when you’re approaching strange dogs. They are very territorial, so give them some space. Don’t try to pet a dog while he is eating. Never run away from a strange dog. If a dog starts growling at you, he’s trying to tell you to back away-so back away.

If you feel a dog attack is imminent, there are some personal protection products you can use. Here are three of the best for your self-defense.

The first is the Mace pepper gun. It uses a full strength 10% solution of pepper spray as opposed to the two percent solution for ordinary dog pepper sprays. The main advantage of this product is that it can shoot up to 25 feet away and has enough OC for multiple shots at that range.

Another successful personal protection product is the telescopic stun baton, but this requires an application to the animal from as little as 2 feet away and for that reason it is really used as a last resort. But the stun voltage is 800,000 volts-enough to get any dog to leave you alone. Sometimes the sound of a charging stun gun is enough to get the dogs’ attention. It’s a scary, crackling sound.

One of the most successful products is the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller that is effective up to 40 feet away with an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear.

If you feel a dog attack is imminent and fear a dog bite those are three personal protection products you can use to protect yourself for your self defense.

The Ultrasonic Dog Repeller is great for chasing dogs away from up to 40 feet and is highly effective.

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