Listening Devices-Overt And Covert Uses

There are many situations where you need some kind of listening device. It can be either covert or overt. You may want to record a lecture at your university class or a phone conversation. In either case you need an excellent listening device.

The Phone/Voice Recorder can record up to 560 hours in long play or 34 hours in high-speed play with 2 GB of memory.

You just plug it into a wall jack and pick the recording quality mode that you want to use. Then with one click of a button start recording. This inexpensive product will record both outgoing and incoming conversations and you can listen with your ear buds that come with the recorder.

It has a built-in microphone and rechargeable battery. The unit comes with software, AC adapter, a telephone recording kit, a set of ear buds and an external microphone set.

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