New Diversion Safe-Hanging Dress Safe With 21 Pockets

New Diversion Safe-Hanging Dress Safe With 21 Pockets

Home burglary is one of the most popular crimes in the country today. It is increasing by leaps and bounds. But very few people know the burglars actually spend no more than 10 min. on average inside a house looking for things to steal. That is one of the reasons why diversion safes are so popular and so effective.

They are ordinary looking products that are hollowed out on the inside to hide valuables such as cash, jewelry, credit cards or papers. The theory is to “hide things in plain sight.”

One of the newer ones and one of the most effective ever devised is the Dress Diversion Safe that looks like a regular ordinary dress but hides valuables with 21 roomy, clear pockets that you can use to hide cash, jewelry, passports, travel documents and more. It is made of durable polyester so it looks and feels just like the real thing.

Hang it in a closet layered under a jacket or shirt such as the button up for the best effect and no one, absolutely no one would think to look in the dress for valuables.

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