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School Safety Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Children

School Safety Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Children

Back to school is a good time to talk to kids about avoiding strangers and wearing helmets, but school safety is a year-round concern. And there is a lot of ground to cover. Whether you have elementary students or you’re sending teenagers off to high school – kids can always use your guidance about protecting themselves from threats in and out of the classroom. Even when they don’t want to hear it. 

Having a game plan for discussing safety will make the conversation go smoother. It also helps to have safety equipment on hand and in their backpacks. Here are some safety tips for kids that every parent should tackle: 

Staying Safe in Transit

Do your kids' walk or bike to school? Go over safety basics with them, taking into consideration local laws as well as good habits. Children who bike should always wear a helmet and have a jacket or vest with bright reflectors and travel in the same direction as traffic. Walkers should stay on the sidewalk at all times, or travel facing traffic if no sidewalk is available. 

If you drop your kids off at school or they take the bus, go over safety for crossing the street. Yes, cars are supposed to stop on either side of a school bus, but children should cross the street as if they may not. Parents can make sure their kids go directly to and from school with a spy GPS tracker

Being Careful at School

Unfortunately, the coast isn’t clear once your kids are behind school doors. Safety at school for children is becoming an increasingly complicated topic. Teach your kids how to interact with other people responsibly on the internet, since they will likely have access to a computer without your supervision. It’s also wise to go over how to spot a pickpocket, especially if they’ll be going to school with a smartphone or other valuable accessories. 

Finally, you can equip your student with items like a pink bulletproof backpack and emergency flashlight so they are prepared against unexpected and frightening events. You might also suggest bulletproof armor inserts for children’s existing backpacks. And remember to impress upon your kids how important it is to follow the instructions of teachers and administrators when an emergency occurs. 

Remaining Alert After the Final Bell

School safety includes being protected at after-school events. From soccer practice to theater auditions, your kids will continue to be out of your care and around strangers after the last class lets out for the day. Learning how to protect yourself from kidnappers and thieves is a good student skill for the entire day. 

Teach your kids to remain aware of their surroundings at all times and never give important details like their address to people they don’t know and trust. They should also have a safe way to get home at all times – and a backup. Arrange for your kids to call a neighbor or family friend in the event that they can’t reach you or need to go home earlier than expected. Write important phone numbers on the inside of their backpack in a permanent marker. 

School safety is an important dinner conversation. Learning to be diligent on the way to, during, and after school can keep your kids out of trouble and stop them from becoming a victim. The array of personal safety equipment at The Home Security Superstore includes many things that are appropriate for kids. Browse our selection of backpacks, GPS trackers, flashlights, and panic buttons to stock up on safety supplies. 

If you still have questions, reach out to us today to learn more about school safety for kids. 

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