Safety And Security Tips For College Freshmen

Over 25% of the 20 million students heading off to a University or College this fall are freshmen. They are facing many challenges in their first year, which is why the failure rate is so high. The temptations of “the world” are daunting indeed. Drugs, alcohol and sex are just starters, not to mention the challenges academically and socially.

As parents of these new students, at least in our opinion, you have a responsibility to talk with your children/students about the potential dangers that await them on a College campus.

There was a story in Time magazine recently which reached a startling conclusion that for young women America’s campuses are dangerous places. And indeed they are.

Study after study reports that at least one in five and perhaps more of all College age women are sexually assaulted in their four years at an institute of higher learning. Close to 90% of those assailants are known to the victims because they are classmates, dorm mates or are somehow familiar with each other.

The social experience on a College campus is an important part of the maturing process but places an enormous amount of pressure on young inexperienced college age women to try out new things that are probably illegal but also potentially dangerous. A report recently showed that binge drinking at fraternity and sorority parties can easily get out of hand.

“Close to 70% of all victims are drugged or drunk or otherwise incapacitated. Consumption of alcohol by women has dramatically increased in recent years. Between 1999 and 2008, reports the Wall Street Journal, the number of young women who showed up in emergency rooms dangerously intoxicated rose by 52%. A predator’s dream come true when it comes to sexual assault.”

Here are some tips for College freshmen heading off to a new experience.

In our opinion again, part of parents’ responsibility may be to instill in their children who may be terribly naïve about such things, that they need to protect their belongings in their dorm room that they will more than likely share with at least one other person. A diversion safe is a great way to hide small valuables such as jewelry, cash and credit cards.

Room security is another concern with many sexual assaults occurring inside College dorm rooms. A product such as this alarm that works as a doorstop can help prevent unwanted entry into a room.

But most of all, the threat to personal safety and personal security must be taken very seriously. We would recommend a basic self-defense course for all young women and that they carry a self-defense product such as a pepper spray or stun device with them wherever they go. One that is on a keychain like this one is an example of a good way to make sure that a self-defense tool is with you at all times.

The College experience is a wonderful one if you have the opportunity. Don’t let that experience be marred by these threats to your personal safety and personal security. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to having a successful learning experience.