6 Ways To Secure Your Home Before Going On Vacation

Summer vacation is a right-of-passage for the American family.

Statistics say up to 55% of Americans plan to take a summer vacay, and most will drive (or even fly!) hours from home.

While that means rest and relaxation for them, it can also mean open season for burglars.

I’m going to show you six easy steps that you can follow to protect your home before you leave on vacation.  I bet you’ll even enjoy your vacation more knowing things are safe and sound back home.

1. Get an Alarm

An overwhelming majority of criminals say they “intentionally avoid” breaking into homes with alarms. Whether or not you have a wired whole-home alarm system, a wireless alarm system, or even just a few security cameras on the outside of your house giving the appearance of being watched, you’re instantly lessening the likelihood your home will be broken into. Don’t want to spring for an alarm system? Get a set of security alarm stickers to trick dumb criminals into staying away.

2. Use Light Timers

The idea is several decades old, but light timers really do work. Most criminals avoid breaking into a property they think is occupied because they just want stuff, not confrontation. Installing an easy-to-use light timer gives the impression you’re home and moving around the house very inexpensively.

3. Add More Locks

About 30% of all burglaries are committed when a criminal enters through an unlocked door or window! Before you leave on vacation, check every entry-point into your home to be sure everything’s locked, and if you have hollow exterior doors (easy to kick in), add additional locks to ensure they’re as fortified as you imagine them to be.

4. Consider a Home Safe

The cost of the average U.S. burglary is over $2,000. Most of that cost incurred is through jewelry, electronics, and usable credit cards or checks – all things that are small enough to be locked up tight. If you have space, installing a home safe in a closet or storage space is a smart investment. Not only can they protect your belongings from burglary, fireproof safes might actually save your valuables in the event of a house fire.

5. Enlist Some Help

Trusted neighbors? Tell them the dates you’ll be away and enlist their help in watching your home. Have them pick up mail and newspapers – sure signs you’re not home – and water plants so they won’t die. It’s smart to hide a key for them in case of emergencies or even to give them the electronic code to your door lock in the event they need to get inside.

6. Get Creative

You might be shocked to know that over 65% of burglaries happen during daylight hours. In summer, especially, bored, out-of-school youths looking for ‘crimes of opportunity’ are especially prone to break in if they see their chance. Easy to use home security gadgets like door stop jams, motion-contact alarms, and even a barking-dog simulator are often enough to stop a burglary as its beginning.

Headed away on vacation? Check out some home defense gadgets and tools before you leave.