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Protecting Your House – How to Prevent a Home Invasion

intruder inside a house

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A home invasion is one of the most frightening encounters you can experience on your property. It is distinctly different from a burglary, in that the criminals have violent intent and anticipate a confrontation. Intruders enter the home while it is occupied, intending on theft or assault. 

Although home invasions are relatively uncommon, they can occur. While you shouldn’t constantly worry about an unwanted intruder entering your home, it’s essential to learn how to prevent a home invasion. Simple measures can go a long way in deterring potential criminals. 

Non-Lethal Home Defense Will Disable the Intruder Until Help Arrives

The following list identifies several effective home security features. There are various options, from installing home CCTV systems to stocking up on home defense weapons, no matter what type of home you live in. 

Secure Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the primary point of entry for burglars. It’s not only sufficient to secure your front door with a deadbolt lock or heavy-duty jammer, but you must also improve the security of garage doors, side doors, rear doors, and windows. 

Monitor the condition of doors and windows. If the frames or hinges are damaged or worn, replace or repair them immediately. Intruders are known to remove doors and windows to gain entry to a property. By securing them, it is much more difficult for someone to break in. 

If your doors or windows are old, consider installing security-grade replacements. Ensure all glass is a double or triple pane for added protection.

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Install Lighting Around the Property

Having a well-lit property is a major deterrent to invaders. Criminals typically seek properties with blind spots where they can hide until an opportunistic moment arises. While a home invader might expect a confrontation within the property, they want to avoid suspicious activity outside. 

Use Home CCTV Systems to Catch Intruders on Camera 

Lighting increases visibility, allowing you and your neighbors to spot if someone is lurking nearby. Light is also beneficial if you have security cameras on your property. 

Keep Your Yard Free from Tall Objects

Trees, boulders, high bushes, and large outdoor appliances provide cover for a potential home invader and may give them access to the second or third floor of your home. 

Tall objects can also obstruct your security cameras and the sensors on your alarm system, rendering your home surveillance system less effective. 

Remove oversized objects from the perimeter of your yard where possible. You may need to obtain building permits or permission from neighbors before cutting trees, trimming tall hedges, or tearing down structures. 

Fit a Security System

A HomeSafe security system is the best alarm system to prevent a home invasion. As a direct link to the emergency services, a security system increases the chances of an intruder being caught and arrested. 

As well as deterring criminals, a security system can alert you, the security firm, and the police if there has been a breach. Many modern systems come with motion sensors and cameras. Some are smart-technology-enabled, meaning you can get real-time notifications if unexpected motion or a disturbance is detected. 

Security Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are some of the most effective security devices for a home. A property with cameras pointing in several directions is a major red flag for home invaders. 

If someone enters your property, the security footage can serve as evidence if a legal dispute ensues. Just make sure the cameras are located in the right places and are unobstructed by trees or buildings—store and backup all footage in a safe place to prevent it from being stolen. 

Purchase Self-Defense Equipment

If you become a victim of a home invasion, you may need to defend yourself and your home. While a firearm may be the most effective defense item, many people want to avoid using potentially lethal force. Pepper spray is a useful and non-lethal home defense substance that can incapacitate an assailant. 

In a study on weapon involvement in home invasion crimes, over 20 percent of home invasion offenders carried a firearm or knife. Self-defense training and equipment are essential for your safety. 

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Be Careful What You Post Online

Modern intruders use the internet and technology to discover potential victims. If you are freely posting about your valuable assets or luxurious home on social media, you may attract a home invader. 

Avoid posting about vacations or trips around the time you’re traveling. Try not to reveal information about your daily routines. Where possible, adjust your privacy settings to limit what information may be available to criminals. 

Prepare for the Unexpected

Unfortunately, break-ins happen. Sometimes crime can’t be avoided, and you may find yourself the victim of theft or a home invasion. However, by preparing for the unexpected, you can reduce the likelihood of damage to your property or self-injury. Upgrade your home security and deter home invaders from targeting you. 

If you require high-quality home security equipment, visit The Home Security Superstore. We stock a variety of home-defense products to keep you and your family safe.


Do I need security cameras if I have an alarm system?

Although an alarm system is effective at alerting the police, security cameras are necessary for catching the criminal to ensure they don’t return to your home again. 

How do security lights keep me and my family safe?

Security lights deter criminals from attempting to intrude or even approach your home out of fear of being caught. 

Should I invest in a security system or a watchdog?

Although watchdogs can protect you from intruders after they’ve broken into your home, an effective security system can prevent criminals from breaking into your house in the first place. 

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