Practical Burglary Prevention Tips

Practical Burglary Prevention Tips

As we saw in the article called the ‘The Ultimate Guide To Home Security’ 60.5% of all burglaries involved forcible entry, but 33.2% of all burglaries were committed without using any force to gain entry.

Are you kidding me? That means that one third of all burglaries committed in the United States are committed by burglars who either walk in through the front door or climb in through a lower level window. No skill needed here! How easy can we make it for the bad guys?

This data is confirmed by the venerable website This Old House which states that 34% of all break-ins happen through the front door and another 23% happen through first-floor windows.

Most break-ins occur at the front door, so invest in a solid, pick-resistant deadbolt lock (and remember to lock it!). You can also bolster your home security by putting in inexpensive window and door alarms on every opening to your house.

According to this FBI information sheet home burglaries have gone up 2% compared to the 2001 estimate, with 2,159,878 burglaries reported. Burglary accounts for 23.8% of all property crimes committed in 2010.

The popular Nationwide Insurance Company offers some

Common Sense Burglary Prevention Tips

  1. Lock safes in a hidden area of the house preferably in the basement or lower-level of the house to reduce the risk of heat damage from a fire.
  2. Keep all personal information in a locked fireproof safe or safety deposit box.
  3. Keep your curtains or blinds closed to prevent theives from seeing what personal belongings you have.
  4. Keep ladders, tools and other outside objects that can be used to assist in breaking into your home locked in a storage shed.
  5. Keep garage doors closed and locked.
  6. Replace worn keypad entry devices. After extensive use a combination of numbers and letters could be visible, providing information for criminals to gain entry into your home.
  7. Make your home address visible for police, firemen and paramedics.
  8. Don’t put your name on your mailbox or on the house.
  9. Don’t talk about vacation plans in public areas. Burglars have been known to pay beauticians for such tips.
  10. Before placing anything in the garbage make sure you shred all papers with personal information on it including your name.
  11. If you have a pet entry door such as a doggie door, make sure you have a lock for it.

Other Tips Include

  • Many robbers reportedly follow their victim home from a shopping center or a bank, so be aware of vehicles that remain in your rear view mirror.
  • You are most at risk when leaving your home or arriving home, so turn down the volume in your car and be alert.
  • Keep any shrubs trimmed and have sufficient lighting on your gate and down the driveway.
  • If you arrive home and any of the doors and/or gates are open – leave the premises.
  • Keep your valuables outside your bedroom.
  • Don’t let anyone in you don’t know.
  • If you are confronted by an armed robber: follow their directions, don’t look at them, don’t be a threat and don’t try to hide or destroy anything.
  • Keep larger sums of cash, jewelry and firearms in a safe such as one of our Diversion Safes or better yet one of our Home Safes.

What is your experience with home burglary? We want to hear your thoughts.