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Practical Burglary Prevention Tips to Keep You Safe

masked burglar with a crowbar

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Crime in the United States is generally classified into two main categories: violent crimes and property crimes. Of all property crimes, burglary and larceny account for almost 90 percent

Most home burglaries occur during daytime hours. With fewer people at home due to work commitments, there is less chance of being noticed as an intruder. Many break-ins occur through main doors or open windows. Property theft is often spontaneous, demonstrating the lack of burglary prevention in a lot of homes. 

Keep You, Your Family, and Your Home Safe with Home Security Equipment

Fortunately, burglaries follow similar patterns, meaning they can be prevented. Investing in home alarms equipment and taking basic security measures can help keep you safe. The following list contains practical burglary prevention tips you can implement today.

Use Locks to Secure Doors and Windows

Using locks to protect vulnerable house openings might seem obvious, but most homeowners don’t use them. Fitting several good-quality locks on door frames and windows gives your house extra security. Locks are difficult to break without making noise or using equipment, removing the element of stealth for burglars.

The ground floor is the most important area to secure. However, security experts have spent time identifying, explaining, and targeting burglary “hotspots” discovering it’s also necessary to consider fanlights, roof lights, and other potential break-in points. Smart locks are becoming popular for modern homes and feature vocal recognition, Wi-Fi connectivity, and geofence auto-locking. However, traditional key-operated locks are more affordable and remain highly effective.

Self-Defense Equipment

No matter what security measures you take, some crimes are unavoidable. If the unthinkable happens and you come face-to-face with a home intruder, you must be prepared. Firearms, bats, and other defensive weapons often come to mind when you think about dealing with a burglar. However, these can cause more harm than good in the hands of an untrained user. 

Ensure you take adequate training courses before choosing deadly weapons as your go-to defense options. Not only will this give you the best chance at defending yourself and your family, but you will be more confident should the situation arise.

If you lack proper training or prefer a non-lethal self-defense option, pepper spray effectively deals with a perpetrator. It contains a powerful substance, capsaicin, that can render temporary blindness and a painful burning sensation to the person being sprayed. 

Use a Security Door Stopper to Prevent Intruders Ever Getting In

A common query for users is ”How long does pepper spray last?” You rarely have to worry about the contents of the spray expiring. The real concern is the aerosol propellant may leak from the can over time. Ensure you test the spray mechanism regularly to check it is in working order.

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Install an Alarm

A house alarm is an effective burglar deterrent. It alerts homeowners, security firms, and emergency services if a breach has been detected on your premises. Targeting a home with a security alarm poses a lot more risk for a burglar than breaking into one without an alarm. 

Alarms are also cost-effective and can reduce your annual insurance costs. The fast response time also increases the likelihood of catching an intruder while the crime is still occurring.

Alarm systems with surveillance cameras are more expensive but may be worthwhile if you own valuable items and can provide crucial evidence should you press charges against the intruder. 

Use Security Door Stoppers

A security door stopper is a simple but effective security item that can protect your home from intruders, even if they’ve already entered the property. It is a lightweight device you attach to a door to prevent it from being opened. If the main entrance to your home has been breached, a security door stopper can slow down an intruder, giving you extra time to react to the situation.

There are many types of door stoppers available. Some modern varieties are compatible with smart technology, giving you control over the device using your smartphone. 

Ramp Up Security Measures While You’re Away

Burglars often target homes when they know the residents are away. They are aware of the signs that suggest people aren’t home.

It’s critical to ramp up security measures when you’re not around. Here are some tips to create a more secure home if you have an upcoming trip:

  • Leave lights on or set a timer for your lights to give the impression someone is home.
  • Park a car in the driveway. 
  • Request that your mail be held until you return.
  • Ensure landscaping and maintenance is maintained.
  • Don’t leave valuable items on display.
  • Avoid leaving keys in hidden locations around your home.
  • Ask a trustworthy neighbor or family member to check on your property.

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Invest in Security

Your home is your most valuable asset. It’s your safe haven where you should feel comfortable and at ease. Home security is paramount, and even the most basic measures can help prevent a burglary.

Browse The Home Security Superstore for all of your home security needs and peace of mind. 



Do I need a lock if I have a security system?

Although security systems can alert the police right away, it’s important you keep you, your family, and your home safe from intruders by having locks on all points of entry.

Should I install a deadbolt or a door stopper?

At The Home Security Superstore, both options are effective at preventing break-ins. However, if it will make you and your loved ones feel more safe, you can install both options for extra security. 

Do I need locks if I live in a gated community?

Having a gated perimeter around your community ensures your family and home is well protected; however, don’t take the chance if an intruder breaks through the first line of defense. You should keep your doors locked at all times. 

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