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Radical Escape Maneuvers-Safety Tip Of The Week

Radical Escape Maneuvers-Safety Tip Of The Week

What would you do in a carjacking situation where someone forced his way into your car perhaps at gunpoint to steal your car with you in it? Or how about someone on the street or anywhere that approached you at gunpoint to either rob you or rape you? What would you do?

These techniques may seem a little bizarre and counter-intuitive, but they are proven to be effective and actually may be the self-defense choice of last resort. You certainly won’t see them published in very many places.

A carjacking is a situation where a criminal will approach your car at a 45° angle from a blind spot and either pulls you out of the car forcefully or jumps into the car and takes control usually with a knife or gun. Carjackings don’t occur very often but they do happen. Of course the best way to prevent a carjacking is to keep all your doors locked and windows rolled up.

Carjackers have been known to break windows and force their way in. Always carry a powerful self-defense Stun Flashlight in your car as a first line of defense.

If a carjacking should ever happen to you and the perpetrator gives you directions to drive away, the best thing you can do is fasten your seat belt and drive-drive straight into a storefront or crash into a tree or do anything with your car that will garner attention. The air bag will save your life and the crash will give you an opportunity to escape because you are expecting it and the assailant isn’t.

In another scenario you are approached on the street by a man with a gun demanding your wallet or perhaps he intends to assault and/or rape you. What do you do? Believe it or not the best thing you can do is to turn around and run as fast as you can. And even though the man is armed, chances are only four out of one hundred that he can hit you with a bullet. Those are much better odds than staying at the scene of the crime where a certain fate awaits you.

Keep these self-defense tips in the recesses of your mind. You may never need them. We hope you don’t. In a real emergency they may save your life.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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