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Prevent Home Invasions – Techniques to Stop Home Invasions

The term home invasion has been around for about seven or eight years now so it’s nothing new. To refresh your memory, home invasion is usually conducted by two or more people with intentions not to just burglarize the house but harm the occupants and use force if necessary to get what they want. They are usually armed. This is in comparison to a regular home burglary that is done by a single person who is unarmed and does not want any personal confrontation.

So by any measurement, home invasion is much more dangerous than a home burglary. Home burglary is done during the day when the occupants of the home are not there. Home invasion is most often done at night when the occupants are there.

Recently in a suburb of Denver, Colorado two home invaders used a scam to get inside the house. They posed as utility workers and had uniforms to prove it. They told the homeowner that they were there to investigate a potential gas leak and that they would only be a few minutes. Well you can see what’s coming. Once they gained entry to the house, the home invaders proceeded to brutalize the occupants and steal everything they could get their hands on.

Most home invasions happen through the front door surprisingly enough. How many of us when someone knocks on your front door or rings the doorbell reflexively opens the door without checking to see who it is or even if we know them? I used to be that way; it was just the way I was raised and believe me it’s a hard habit to break. That is a sure way of inviting unwanted guests into your home. Once your front door is opened even 2 inches, the bad guys can force their way in.

So what are some of the things you can do to prevent a home invasion? The first is always check to see who is at your front door before you open it-use your peephole. And if you don’t have a peephole, get one!

Second, bear in mind that the people who do home invasions are usually armed, so unless you have an opportunity to use a self-defense pepper spray or stun gun against them, do as they say and don’t put up a fight. You may risk injury or death to your loved ones.

If you have the capability have a plan to establish a safe room where you and your loved ones can go that would have good security and a telephone so you can call 911.

Avoid at all costs the perils of home invasion. It is way to dangerous to fool around with.

Place this Home Security Camera near your front door so you can see and talk with visitors before opening the door.

Keep some Pepper Spray near the front door to repel any home invaders.

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