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Home Security – What is The MURS Alert System?

“The MURS (multi use radio service) alert system is a relatively new two-way voice or data communications service authorized by the FCC in November of 2000 for personal or business activity. There are five user channels that are available on a shared basis only.” Since they are shared, it’s up to the user to cooperate with channel selection to help avoid interference. A MURS radio can be used by all US citizens anywhere in the United States except on an aircraft in flight. This system can operate for several miles depending on local geography. A relatively flat surface will yield better results than canyons of an urban city.

The MURS alert probe mobile kit is a long-range wireless driveway alarm that can detect vehicles only. It combines the features of vehicle sensor drive alert with the alert technology. It will not give false signals from large animals or other sources. The alert signal can be spoken in English and twice repeats the phrase ‘alert zone one’ or ‘alert zone two’ etc.

There are “four alert messages for four areas that are easily selected at the transmitter so four different zones can be monitored simultaneously. It has five channels and 38 sub channels to choose from helping to eliminate interference from other users.” The transmitter can have a range up to several miles.

The kit includes a MAPS transmitter, hand-held transceiver, six rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. A wireless probe is buried underground parallel to a driveway for low-profile monitoring and 50 feet of cable allow you to mount the transmitter on a nearby tree out of sight. The transmitter is completely weatherproof and can operate in temperatures from -32 to plus 120 degrees.

Is a great way to monitor customer traffic and for a security guard to keep an eye on remote warehouses. Farmers who have vacant farm sites or homeowners who have large estates find the MURS alert system very valuable.

The MURS alert probe base kit can detect vehicles passing by out to approximately 12 feet from the probe and is great for alerting you to visitors, deliveries or trespassers. Up to four separate zones can be monitored by the fixed base probe giving you the capability to monitor huge areas.

The channels and zones are easy to select by the user. The probe is connected to the transmitter box with 50 feet of direct burial cable.

These systems can be a valuable tool for businesses or homeowners with large estates to bolster their security.

The MURS Base Kit can detect cars coming and going and transmit an alert from 600 feet away.

The MURS Mobile Kit can handle up to four separate zones giving you very wide coverage.

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