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Powerful Stun Devices-Three New Products

Stun devices are highly effective nonlethal self-defense weapons that have a great track record of success. They have two or more prongs that deliver an electric shock to an attacker. Up close the crackling noise and the blue sparks that stun guns make when activated may be enough to keep attackers at bay. The whole process takes only a few seconds but can immobilize an attacker for as long as 10 minutes with no long-lasting damage.

In this article we will describe and discuss three new powerful stun devices that we are carrying. Any one of them can provide personal safety and personal protection against an assault.

The first new stun device is this Hornet Keychain that comes in black, pink and white. It is manufactured by Monster which makes some of the most powerful stun devices in the country. It is 6.5 million volts and measures 4″ tall x 1.20″ wide x .60″ deep making it one of the smallest stun devices available. It has a keychain attachment which keeps it handy and available for use whenever needed. It is completely rechargeable, weighs only 2 ounces and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The second new stun device is this 3.5 million volt Perfume Protector that comes in pink, black and purple. Because it looks like a spray perfume canister it gives you the added advantage of surprise in an attack. It comes with a convenient recharging cable andalso has a lifetime warranty.

The third powerful stun device is this Streetwise 6,000,000 volt Smart Phone Stunner that comes in black and pink. It looks and feels just like a real smart phone which gives you the added advantage of surprise in an attack. It has a belt holster clip for hands-free carrying and a deluxe holster. It comes with a convenient LED flashlight, charging cable, and the ever popular disable pin wrist strap. It weighs just under 8 ounces.

Disguised self-defense products including two of these new stun devices are some of the most popular products for female self-defense, personal safety and personal protection. No one would suspect that they would get a jolt from a product such as a perfume spray or smart phone.

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