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Customer Favorite Fake Security Cameras

Fake security cameras that are so realistic looking no one can tell them apart from their more expensive brothers, help deter crime and prevent property damage by fooling home burglars into believing you have a real surveillance system. They can be used for home, business or even apartment applications. Fake security cameras are a major deterrent to home burglary.

Home burglary continues to be one of the easiest crimes to commit because so many homeowners leave their windows and doors unlocked or even open allowing easy access for the bad guys. They spend on average less than 10 minutes inside a home which lessens the chances of them getting caught. Unfortunately, police have a low clearance rate on these crimes with less than 15% of them ever being solved. Prevention is the key.

A dog is the number one way to prevent home burglary. Close behind are security cameras. Many people cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars for security cameras to protect their home. That is where fake security cameras can help you.

In this article we will discuss the top two customer favorite fake security cameras. They have become a favorite of homeowners because they are less expensive than the real thing and just as realistic looking.

The first one is this Fake Motion Camera that installs easily with a standard screwdriver, and no wiring is needed because it uses three AA batteries. It has a motion detection sensor inside that creates a motorized pan movement which adds to the realism. The blinking 24 hour red LED light can fool anyone into thinking that it’s the real thing. It can be adjusted to any angle and is meant to be used outdoors but can be used indoors.

The second customer favorite fake security camera is this Fake Bullet Camera that has a 24 hour flashing LED light and uses multiple authentic infrared LEDs. It has a weatherproof housing but it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can use a standard screwdriver to install this fake security camera. No wiring is needed because it is battery operated. It comes with all mounting hardware and authentic CCTV cable.

These two customer favorite security cameras are our biggest sellers and not just because they are inexpensive. They are so realistic looking the burglars mistake them for the real thing which is exactly what you want.

We have 37 Fake Security Cameras to choose from to improve your home security and prevent burglary.

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