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 10% Off Expandable Striking Batons Code: BAT10

Personal Panic Alarms-The Electronic Pocket Whistle

One of the most effective self defense products is not a stun gun and not a pepper spray or a taser. It is a personal panic alarm. The main appeal of these small devices is their simplicity of use and their cost-effectiveness. Dare I say it? They are cheap.

Personal panic alarms are just a version of a loud noisemaker. Their sole purpose is to draw attention to the user who might be in an isolated place, under duress. This may give you an example. You’re a young mother coming out of the grocery store late at night with your two year-old riding in the grocery cart and you’ve got a bag full of groceries.

You may or may not be talking on your cell phone. The parking lot is poorly lit and all of a sudden you hear a dreaded voice from behind you, “give me your money or you’ll get hurt.” You reach into your purse and pull out your Electronic Pocket Whistle.

This is a whistle but you don’t even have to blow it because it is electronic; so just press a button and a 120 dB alarm goes off scaring away the bad guy and alerting everyone within a quarter-mile that something is going on in your area.

It operates on four batteries that are included. It’s 4 inches long and made of heavy-duty metal construction.

For more information check out the Electronic Pocket Whistle or all our other Personal Panic Alarms.

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