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Pepper Sprays-Top Three Most Popular Models

Pepper spray, also known as defensive sprays or in some circles OC sprays, short for oleoresin capsicum which is the main ingredient in pepper sprays, have been used as a weapon literally for thousands of years. There are countries that consider it so dangerous that they don’t even allow their police officers to use it. That is not the case in this country where pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. Some states do have restrictions on the level of OC concentration that can be used. It is most popular for female self-defense and personal security.

Pepper spray has been rated at 85% effectiveness. It would be higher but the main problem with pepper sprays is that they can get blown off course by even a slight wind. That can be overcome to some extent by using a pepper gel which holds up a lot better in windy conditions.

Aside from the pain the pepper spray is famous for inflicting on an assailant, it swells the eye veins causing the eyes to close creating temporary blindness. It also makes breathing difficult and causes choking and coughing. Many people recommend pepper spray as their first line of self-defense. Would you agree that a product that is carried by every police officer in the country for the performance of their jobs and by every postal carrier with the USPS for the first line of defense against dog attacks shouldn’t be used by civilians too?

When you go to look for a pepper spray to buy, you have into thousands of choices. That can be a little bit intimidating and probably a little bit confusing. So here based on experience are the three most popular models for female self-defense and personal security.

The Mace brand triple action police model-this 2 million SHU (a common measure of heat intensity), 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum includes teargas and ultraviolet dye for easy identification of an assailant. It contains 20 half second shots in a range of from 8 to 12 feet. There’s a flip top safety for preventing accidental discharge and each canister contains an expiration date.

The Fox labs two ounce stream spray-has a spring-loaded flip top. This 5.3 million SHU spray is the same model used by police law enforcement and security forces worldwide. It has a three-year shelf life and contains UV dye. It has a range up to 20 feet and enough OC for 18 half second shots.

The most popular is the Mace pepper gun-with enough OC for seven 25 foot shots, making it the longest range of any self-defense product in the world. The Mace Pepper Gun uses replaceable cartridges with a 10% concentration of OC and 2 million SHU. It is available in four colors.

Those are the three most popular models of defensive sprays used for female self-defense and personal security.

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