Is Your Daughter Safe On Campus?

Within the next month or so millions of parents are going to be sending their daughters off to college. Both parents and the girls are thinking that it’s a safe environment. And college campuses want you to think so too. They go to great lengths to make you feel welcome and make you feel comfortable on campus.

The facts show something completely different.

Consider this for starters. You have 18 to 21-year-old male students whose hormones are off the charts, you add in drugs and alcohol, which flow very freely and college campuses, then ad young, attractive coeds and I don’t know What you call that but it’s a recipe for sexual assault.

Criminals aren’t dumb and while college campuses appear to be serene, peaceful places frequently the areas just surrounding college campuses are not so serene and peaceful. College campuses act as magnets for criminal activity with an abundance of “rich” college students as targets.

The best thing that parents can do to protect their daughters is to make them aware of the dangers and get them some self defense product like Pepper Spray to defend themselves. A pepper spray will protect you in nine out 10 cases of an assault. There are several models under $20.00. One has your name on it.