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Parenting – Three Tools to Monitor Online Activities

Parenting is one of the most difficult things you will do in your life. So to all you parents out there, my hat’s off to you. Having raised a gaggle of kids myself I know the challenges, but I did it decades ago. I wouldn’t want to do it today with so many more threats and temptations out there for kids. It has got to be terribly challenging for parents.

When I was growing up it seems like drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll were the only things parents had to worry about. And the drug part was 3.2 beer. Nowadays there are stories of grade school kids getting involved in drugs, sex and online activities that would make your hair curl.

When I was young the Internet was a dream in somebody’s head. Now the dangers the Internet poses for our youth are almost beyond comprehension. And if that isn’t bad enough mobilize the Internet and put it on your iPhone. That big, bulky computer from 10 years ago can now be carried in your hand on your phone.

And kids these days are very savvy. It seems they’re all in tune with what their rights are regarding privacy etc.

Parents take heart because as long as you’re paying the bills, you have the right to oversee and supervise what your kids are doing online at home or on their iPhones.

Here are three favorite tools that parents can use to monitor their children’s online activities.

The first is an iPhone data recovery USB stick that allows you to recover the data you are looking for such as text messages, call logs, images, contacts, calendar entries and other data by connecting the iPhone to any PC and insert the recovery stick with built-in software. It then recovers the data that you’re looking for with the click of a button.

Then there’s the USB stick for Windows operating systems. This allows you to recover deleted files, data and photos with the same technology used by digital investigators and law enforcement agencies. It allows you to see what’s going on your kids’ computer without them being able to track that you are even there.

Then there’s the aptly named the Eagle Eye. Insert the USB into the computer you want data from, install the software, remove the stick and take off. The software is capable of key logging, capturing screen shots and sending logs via e-mail and replaying all user activity. The program is undetectable even when run at start up. The software is completely invisible to the user. This gives you the capability of finding out what your kids are doing.

These are the three favorite tools for monitoring your kids’ online activities.

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