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Home Security – Why Do So Many Ignore Good Free Advice?

In many years as a distributor of home security and self-defense products, one thing I’ve never been able to understand is why so many people ignore free advice or don’t take advantage of free resources. They can help with home security or self-defense.

The only good answer I can come up with is that people are not aware of this advice or not aware of the free resources that are available to them to improve their security or learn or sharpen their self- defense skills.

For example, did you know that many communities especially those with colleges or universities offer free self-defense classes? Many communities that don’t have even junior-college offer free self-defense classes through community facilities such as the YMCA or YWCA. In any event, check with your local police department to see if such classes are available to you.

A self-defense class is a great way to learn the basics of defending yourself in almost any situation. It is not going to earn you a black belt or anything, but it will get you out of trouble in just about any confrontation.

Another free resource that is available nationwide through your local sheriff’s department is a neighborhood watch program. It provides valuable information on security tips for homeowners and for business owners as well. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a neighborhood watch program going, it is easy enough to get one started. Just contact your local sheriff’s department. There’s usually a community resource officer or someone assigned to assisting with the program.

Another free resource from your police department is an evaluation of your own home security. Your police department or law enforcement office may not have the resources to do this so check with them. But a free home security evaluation by a police or law enforcement professional is an invaluable way to improve your home security and help you prevent your home from being burgled.

Companies will gladly sell you a security system, or in the event that you don’t want to spend that much money or go that route, there are all kinds of products available on the marketplace today. And that is fine but we’re talking about free here. There are many things you can do for free that can enhance and improve the security of your home.

Almost 60% of all home burglaries happen through unsecured doors and windows. So improve your home security by locking your doors and windows even when you’re at home-free! Burglars look for homes that they consider to be an easy mark. They look for hiding places around lower-level doors and windows. Trim away shrubs around these areas and eliminate those hiding places-free! Burglars look for signs that there might be a dog in the house. Burglars hate dogs. So put a sign in your front yard that warns of a vicious guard dog-you don’t even need a dog-just the sign will do-free!

So take advantage of the free things you can do and the free resources that are available to you to improve your self-defense capability and your home security.

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