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New Dakota Alert Home Security Products

New Dakota Alert Home Security Products

Dakota Alert® is a leading manufacturer of wireless alert products. They are based in South Dakota. Since 2010 they have been a leader in products to help you keep an eye on outbuildings or someone just coming up your driveway.

Their multiuse radio service (MURS) is one of the most extensive available. These products allow you to communicate and monitor activity over longer distances.

In today’s article we are taking a look at some new Dakota ® products. This will enable you to see if they are suited for your needs.

In our article about Motion Activated Alarms we explain how motion sensors work. There are two basic kinds: active and passive. Active sensors inject energy like microwaves or sound into an environment in order to detect a change of some kind. Passive sensors detect infrared energy that already exists in an environment. Human skin temperature is 93°F and radiates infrared energy with a wavelength between 9 and 10 micrometers which is why the sensors typically range from 8 to 12 micrometers.

The first new product is this Driveway Alarm that can transmit to the receiver as far as 1/2 mile away. The transmitter, which is weatherproof, can operate from -30 to +120° and is capable of monitoring an area 50 feet away. It uses passive infrared (PIR) beams that detect motion of cars, people or large animals. The wireless motion detector is great for a driveway alert, backyard monitor, warehouse alert and much more. The receiver which is located inside the house uses a 12 V DC plug and the transmitter needs one 9 V battery. It uses a variety of four tones to alert you to visitors, deliveries or trespassers.

This Dakota alert 2500 series wireless PIR Motion Sensor Kit can transmit up to a half mile away even at night. When motion is detected, the infrared sensor transmits a signal to the receiver which ordinarily is located in the house. An optional LED flashes when the signal is sent to the transmitter. It can detect motion up to 40 feet away and has an adjustable detection range. There is also an adjustable motion detection angle from 20 to 100° wide. It works with all other 2500 series add-on transmitters. An optional portable receiver accessory with belt clip is available so you can get alerts on the go. It comes with everything you need including mounting hardware. This unit uses the same technology as all good burglar alarms.

The Wireless Floor Mat Kit enables you to monitor various entrances to your home and brings you peace of mind and confidence in your security. When the mat is stood upon, it triggers a sensor and sends a signal to your receiver. This product enables you to help monitor patients, children, those with special needs or for alerting in home care assistants to help the elderly getting out of bed. It has 16 different melody options and the receiver can be located as far as 1000 feet away from the transmitter.

Share your experience with motion activated alarms. We know you have your own home security secrets – chime in now!

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