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Nanny Cameras-Two Of The Most Popular Customer Favorites

One of the biggest concerns for new parents is the first night that they leave their newborn child with a babysitter or nanny. The anxiety level is pretty high. It is not without good reason. The parents are concerned because there’s so much at stake. And after all you’re turning over the welfare of your newborn child to basically a complete stranger.

Even if you know the parents of the child that you’ve hired as a babysitter he/she is still a child. While you may know the parents you have absolutely no idea about their kids. Or you can go the other route and hire a nanny, a so-called professional babysitter; you may have even less knowledge about them. Sure you can do a background check. But realistically how many parents do that? None that I’ve ever known.

That leaves the care of your children in the hands of basically complete strangers. That doesn’t sound real good to me but millions of parents do it every day. Why would you want to take a chance on a complete stranger? One, are you sure they’re honest and wouldn’t steal from you or two, that they are trustworthy and have the best interest of your kids at heart? Yes, you might get lucky but when it comes to the welfare of young kids, I wouldn’t want to leave that to luck.

So what are parents supposed to do? You need another set of eyes to keep tabs on your nanny, your babysitter and your child while you’re not there. There is only one way to do this that I know of and that is with a spy camera-or better yet a DVR spy camera.

Spy cameras in general are simply board cameras that are placed inside objects that are commonly seen around the household, an office or in a business. A DVR spy camera includes a DVR for added capability.

Here are two of the most popular customer favorite nanny cameras. You’ll note that they both are DVR spy cameras with amazing capabilities. Of course they can be used for much more than as a nanny camera. They can play a crucial role in your home security too.

The first is the projection display Spy Clock DVR. This popular hidden spy camera is an attractive AM/FM clock radio with a time projection display. It has a dual alarm clock and a nine LED display. It features multiple detection settings and multiple recording modes. But the most popular is motion activated recording. It features full function memory overwrite so no valuable footage will be lost. It can support up to a 32 GB SD card for hours of recording capability. It includes a 12 volt power supply and two AA batteries for remote operation. There is a remote control feature too.

The second is the tissue box spy camera. No one would ever suspect they are being recorded with a common tissue box in the room. It has 104° wide-angle 2.5 mm mini lens and a self-contained DVR. It also has the motion detection feature. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The DVR spy camera can be operated by remote control.

Those are two of the most popular customer favorite nanny hidden cameras.

You can check all of our other Nanny Cameras to see if one would work well for you.

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