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 10% Off Streetwise Stun Guns! Use Code: SG10

Home Security Cameras Catch Car Burglar

This is a story about a woman who broke into a car and stole a carton of cigarettes. It just so happened that she was caught by the home surveillance security camera. Police caught up with her not to much later and arrested her.

As it turned out she had a criminal record and there was a felony warrant out for her arrest.

Car burglaries are second only to home burglaries in terms of numbers nationwide. If you leave your car parked outside in your driveway or on the street it is very vulnerable to burglary. One way that you can prevent burglary to your car or catch the thief if he does break in is with our 4 Channel Wireless home security surveillance system that has night vision capability.

It is a fact that once burglars see a security camera outside a home they usually move on to another target.

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