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Most Used Cell Phone Stun Guns

Stun devices are so popular as a nonlethal self-defense weapon because they are close to 90% effective. Next to pepper sprays they are the most used and most preferred of all self-defense products for personal safety and personal security. When we say stun devices or stun guns, we are talking about handheld devices other than tasers which in our opinion are in a separate category.

Of all the different types of stun guns available, disguised stun guns that look like cell phones are by far the most popular. The fact that they are disguised gives you a slight edge in an assault because your assailant has no idea that the cell phone you’re holding is really a self-defense weapon.

In this article we are going to take a close look at the most used cell phone stun guns. Perhaps this discussion will give you an idea which one would work best for your personal safety and personal security.

Far and away the most used is this Cheap Stun Gun that sells for $19.95 which may explain why it is so popular. It has 3.5 million volts and is completely rechargeable with a wall plug-in feature. Despite the cheap cost and it has a built-in LED flashlight and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is only 4.5 “tall and 2” wide which makes it easy to conceal and carry.

The popular Immobilizer Stun Gun is the second most used stun device with 5.5 million volts stopping power. It has a six LED flashlight. It also has the pop out wall plug-in feature to recharge the device. It features a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and also has a lifetime warranty.

Third on our list is the relatively new Guard Dog Hotline Stun Weapon that has 3.6 million volts in a design that is meant to replicate a cell phone. This self-defense weapon is only 4.5″ tall and comes in a premium flip top leather carrying case. It comes with a built-in flashlight and recharging cord to power up your device. Like all other Guard Dog products, a canister of their 18% strength pepper spray is included. You get two self-defense products for the price of one!

There are many other models of stun devices and many other versions of cell phone stun devices but these three are the most used of all of them.

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