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Most Used Computer Spy Tools

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the most used computer spying tools. Maybe computer spying isn’t the right term, perhaps it should be computer monitoring. Whatever you call it, there are a wide variety of reasons why you might need to retrieve data from your computer or someone else’s computer or monitor what your children are doing online.

Here are the most popular recovery tools that people use for computer monitoring and data recovery. One of them may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The first is called Eagle Eye because it enables you to know everything that’s going on with the computer that you target even when you’re miles away. You simply insert the USB into the computer and install the software, remove the device and walk away. It enables you to capture all programs used on the computer, capture screenshots, log every key that is struck (key logging) and log all websites visited with Internet Explorer. Stealth mode allows the software to run covertly. This program is especially useful for monitoring your children’s activities online.

The second most used computer monitoring tool is the Windows Data Recovery USB Stick. This simple USB stick enables you to recover images that were deleted from your digital camera. You will also be able to recover deleted files, data and photos from a Windows operating system.

Third on the list of the most used computer monitoring tools is the iPhone Data Recovery USB stick that recovers text messages, call logs, images, contacts, calendar entries and just about all other user data. This is a perfect tool for anyone who may have accidentally deleted a file from their iPhone. It is also a good way for employers to monitor what their employees are doing on company owned iPhones. Parents will find it a useful way to monitor what their children are doing online on their iPhone. This product comes with a USB cable for transferring data.

Some phones require a pin number before unlocking data and performing a recovery.

These products are excellent tools for data recovery and for monitoring your employees or children’s activities online or on their iPhones. I don’t know of any person who hasn’t lost data accidentally or maybe prematurely deleted an entry and wished that they hadn’t.

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