Most Popular Home Security Alarms

There are three things that burglars don’t really care for; lights, noise and time. They like to do their work in darkness so if you have outdoor security lighting they don’t like that. They like to get in and out of a home in five or 10 minutes so the more obstacles you can put in their way to slow that down the better off you are. And third thing is noise. That’s where burglar alarms come in.

And the most popular alarms are motion activated alarms that sound loud noises when the protected area is violated.

One of the most popular motion activated alarms is the Electronic Watchdog or better known as the barking dog alarm. It can protect an area up to 20 feet away through doors, glass and other obstacles because it uses radar wave technology. When movement is detected the sound of an angry barking dog starts

Law enforcement officials will tell you that one of the best deterrents against home burglary is a barking dog. I would never have a dog and neither would many millions of other people. So this is the next best thing to have the “bark without the bite.”

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