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How to Catch Vandals – New Tools to Catch Criminals

Graffiti, according to the Bureau of Justice, prevails as the predominant crime in the category of vandalism. Last year vandalism cost nearly $20 billion of taxpayers money to repair. Many cities and states don’t have that kind of money to make repairs even if they are cosmetic in nature so it ends up being a blight on the city. It costs small business billions to repair or replace damage done to their operations. Gang members are a major offender in this area. Sometimes it’s a right of passage for gang membership.

Besides having a bunch of foreclosed homes in your neighborhood, nothing devalues your home faster than graffiti or vandalism. Unfortunately vandalism is right next to burglary when it comes to low risk crimes. Police are unable to prevent it from happening. It’s hard enough catching somebody that did it.

Here are three new tools that help with home security and small business to catch perpetrators of vandalism.

The first is the video patrol spy camera. This is a wireless motion activated camera that can record video or take still pictures. It uses four AA batteries. When motion is detected date time stamped video or pictures are taken of the activity in front of the camera. It looks just like an air freshener so no one will suspect that they are being watched. It can take 26,000 photos or 75 minutes of video.

The second is the car dash cam DVR. It can record audio and video for 4.5 continuous hours. It uses a rechargeable battery. It has a viewing angle of 72 degrees to record action outside the car. There’s a 2 inch LCD screen that lets you look at the recording from the device. You can use the USB cable to connect to your computer for easy download or insert the 8 GB SD card into your PC for viewing. This device has many uses including documenting accidents and collecting evidence from accidents.

The third new tool that you can use to catch vandals at your home is the motion activated Spotlight Spy Camera. It is an 80 LED motion activated spotlight that has a hidden camera inside. The camera has 120-degree viewing angle and 80 foot viewing range. The camera is a two megapixel color digital camera that has a motion detection recording range of 10 feet. All recorded video is date time stamped. Once the spotlight detects activity the light comes on and so does the DVR. It records on to an 8 GB SD card that can store roughly 5 hours of footage. Because it only records when there is motion in front of the camera that could be several days worth of activity. This camera is completely weatherproof too.

Those are three new tools that help with home security and small business to catch perpetrators of vandalism.

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