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How Telescoping Batons Can Be Used for Personal Security

Ever since there have been police officers, one of the staples that they had on their utility belt was a device called the billy club. The billy club was a piece of wood usually close to 18 and 24 inches long used as a self-defense weapon mostly but occasionally as an offensive weapon. If you ever hit your knee on a bed post, you know the pain that can occur by striking a bone with a solid object.

Like a lot of other things in life, billy clubs have gone the way of the dinosaur. They have been replaced by solid steel telescoping batons that can extend out to as far as 32 inches. Modern Batons are used by security guards, law enforcement officers or others who have need for crowd control such as bouncers at nightclubs.

Telescoping stun batons are one of the most popular types of batons there are. But those are not the same kind of batons that we’re talking about here. As a matter of fact, those telescoping stun batons cannot even be used in the same effective way as a regular self-defense baton as a striking implement. The telescoping stun baton is just not built to withstand an offensive or defensive strike.

In the hands of someone who’s undergone training, a self-defense baton can actually be a deadly weapon. That is why some states prohibit the sale and use of them. But even in the hands of an untrained professional, a rank amateur if you will, it can be a devastating self-defense tool especially for female self-defense and for their personal security and personal safety.

A well struck blow with an expanding or telescoping steel baton can do more than get somebody’s attention. It can cause bones to break. And if it is used as a jabbing device, can inflict paralyzing results.

Most Telescoping Steel Batons can extend out to 16 inches-some as many as 2 feet. The longest that we’ve seen can go out to 32 inches. That provides long-distance self-defense and would enable you to keep an attacker at bay long enough for him to maybe change his mind about assaulting you. Most have texturized rubber handles to assure a firm grip.

When it comes to female self-defense and the personal security and personal safety of women, self-defense telescoping steel batons should be considered more often because they are an effective, inexpensive tool to ward off attackers or inflict injury on them if necessary.

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