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Pepper Spray In Action

This morning one of my neighbors told me of a harrowing experience she had last night downtown. She was leaving a late theatre performance and was on her way to her car in an underground parking garage. She was by herself.

As she approached her car she heard a barely distinguishable voice ask her for the time. That is when the red flags go up and the hair on her neck stand on end. She kept going towards her car and again heard the voice tell her to slow down.

She reached into her purse and pulled out her MACE PEPPER GEL and told the jerk to back off holding up her spray.

He laughed and kept advancing so she fired off a 15 foot shot that hit him right in the eyes. The screaming from the pain of the would be assailant drew a crowd and someone called the cops. The bad guy was hauled away. Pepper spray in action.

Why did my neighbor tell me? It seems that about 6 months ago I gave her the spray to keep her safe. WOW-made me feel good!!

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