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Home Security Products: Send the Right Message to Burglars

In “Neighborhood Watch” block captain training they talk about different home security topics and home security products. And right up at the top of the list is making your home less attractive to burglars. One of the statistics the instructor threw out was that in our city an average of 10 burglaries a day occurred last year and that this year burglaries are up 15%. Of course that might be different in your city but burglaries are closely tied to the state of the economy. And no matter where you live in the United States the economy is struggling.

That is why burglaries are on the increase. The instructor said that an average of $1650 in goods are taken in every home burglary. He also mentioned that close to $1700 in damage is done to a house during the burglary. What he didn’t mention was the psychological impact that a burglary has on the homeowners. It is not only a feeling of violation but a feeling of vulnerability.

When you take all of that into account it just makes sense to take some preemptive steps to prevent a home burglary. Of course since it was “Neighborhood Watch” training he didn’t mention it, but a “Neighborhood Watch” is one of the most effective ways that you can get your neighbors to help you create a safe neighborhood.

He also mentioned the standard things about eliminating hiding places around lower-level doors and windows, not leaving ladders around so the bad guys can gain access to second story windows and locking all doors and windows even when you’re at home. All those things can be done at very low-cost or even free.

Then he showed us some home security signs that he said his wife would not let him use like ‘this house is protected by Smith & Wesson’ and ‘please don’t feed my vicious guard dog.’ His point was that signs send a strong message to burglars. You can get some very inexpensive home security signs that warn of a surveillance system in place when you don’t even really have one. Just the sign does the trick. There’s a sign that can go in your front yard or stickers that can go in your front window.

He talked about home security cameras and how effective they are. Specifically, he mentioned that fake security cameras were a viable alternative to the more expensive real versions. They are so realistic looking that no one can really tell the difference except the homeowner. There is a Fake Security Camera even that pans right and left like a real surveillance camera.

He also mentioned motion activated spotlights for the outside of the house, and one thing that really is very effective is a random timer for lights inside the house. It can handle up to 20 different lights that go on and off at different times creating the illusion of house occupancy.

Send the right message to would-be burglars that your home is off-limits to them by burglar proofing it with some of these home security products.

See our entire selection of Fake Security Cameras and home security signs. They will help improve your home security.

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