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Home Security – Protect Your Valuables With These Four Home Security Safes

Banks have them to protect their money and safe deposit boxes for their customers. Casinos have huge vaults to protect their money and many rooms in hotels have individual ones for guests to keep their valuables. What are we talking about?

Just about everybody knows that safes are a great way to protect your belongings. When it comes to home security and protecting your valuables there are several different kinds for you to consider. It may boil down to how big your things are that determine what kind you get. A key safe, for example, will not hold much of anything larger than a key.

It is just a statistical fact that most items taken in home burglaries are handguns, jewelry, cash and other items that are relatively small. This is true because the bad guys don’t want to be caught carrying bulky items around. And smaller items like we mentioned are easier to fence and convert into cash which is often used to buy drugs.

There are safes that hide in walls and closets, portable safes, safes for guns, keys, dorm rooms and cars, diversion and can safes, and other varieties. In this article we will discuss book safes, wall and closet safes and gun safes. Those are four of the most popular types of hidden safes that can improve your home security and protect your belongings.

1. Handgun safes by definition need to be big enough to hold a small or medium-size handgun. Some of them are disguised as single books or sets of books while others look like mantle clocks. Of course you can protect different things other than a handgun in them too.

2. Wall safes can be disguised as wall clocks, closet lights or there is even one that looks like a plug outlet. These are generally a little bit smaller than the handgun safes but they can be used to protect smaller items of value like jewelry, cash, or even some documents.

3. The Large Book Safe is a good example of a safe that can be used for many purposes. It is big enough to store a handgun but it can hold many other items as well in its 3″X 8″X 9″ compartment. It is disguised as a book and will fit into any bookshelf. It is doubly protected because it has a combination lock.

4. One of my favorites and one of the most effective is the hanging closet safe. It has nine clear plastic zippered compartments inside a cotton shirt. For best effect layer another shirt over the top of it and no one would suspect that there are valuables inside.

Those are four of the most popular types of hidden safes that can improve your home security and protect your belongings.

The Hanging Closet Safe is one of the most effective hidden safes you can get.

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