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How Effective Are Covert Security Cameras For Your Home and Business?

Ask the parents who used a nanny camera to discover the nanny abusing their child while they were away. Ask the distraught housewife who suspected her husband was cheating on her how effective that hidden camera was that caught him cheating in their own bedroom yet. Ask the business owner who finally caught an employee with sticky fingers stealing money from the cash register using a hidden spy camera how effective they are. Ask the private investigator who uses hidden cameras all the time in his job how effective they are.

They will all give you the same answer. Hidden cameras are a 20th-century methodology to solving problems that can only be solved using this technology. Spy cameras are not only effective at catching people doing things they shouldn’t be doing but thanks to advances in technology, their pictures and audio are clearer than ever and many of them have built-in DVR’s so they are a one-stop shop for recording wrongdoing.

As a bonus they are cheaper than ever before. You can get a highly advanced spy camera with a built-in DVR at a fraction of the cost of a regular hidden camera just five years ago. That produces value for the customer and makes them more popular because they’re affordable.

Sales of spy cameras of all kinds have quadrupled in the last four years according to statistics. Hidden spy cameras are small cameras placed inside an object that people are used to seeing all the time. Some examples of these kinds of products are radios, alarm clocks, wall clocks, ball point pens, watches and many other common objects.

Some so-called hand-held or “body worn cameras” have microphones in them to record audio as well as video.

Spy cameras with a DVR in them use either an SD card to record video and audio or have a built-in internal memory that is accessible with a USB cable.

The Hat Spy Camera is one of the more unusual hidden spy cameras. It is an example of a hands-free way to record video and audio to internal memory. It is the perfect tool for undercover operations for that hard-to-get video or audio evidence you need.

The hat is a fully adjustable regular ball cap that comes with a remote control which makes for easy one button operation. The video and audio recordings are downloaded using the USB cable that comes with the hat. It’s about as high-tech and low tech as you can get.

Hidden spy cameras are a 21st-century methodology to solving problems that can only be solved using this technology.

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