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Home Security – How To Prevent Home Burglary With These Home Security Tips

There was a story recently in a national publication that talked about the benefits of having a “hidden” home security camera. As I read it, I started scratching my head and wondering what were they thinking? One of the real benefits of having a home security camera or surveillance camera is that they act as a deterrent to burglary-and a very powerful one I might add. Let’s face it; burglars don’t want to get caught.

Burglars go around the neighborhood looking for potential targets to burglarize. You didn’t think it just happened by accident did you? They look for several things. The major ones are whether or not, the home has a dog, a home security system or surveillance cameras. If they see a surveillance camera outside the home, they are likely to move onto another property.

A surveillance camera is one of the best crime fighting tools homeowners can have. They used to be so expensive and so difficult to install that you only found them in businesses because they were the only ones that could afford them. That is not the case anymore. They are so affordable and so easy to install and that even a modest size home should have one. Apartment owners and college students find them helpful too.

A security camera should be placed at all entrances to your home; at a minimum your front and back door. Then if finances allow, a camera should be placed to monitor windows on the lower-level of your home or to monitor separate buildings such as a detached garage. When you go to purchase a security camera or surveillance camera make sure that it has night vision capability. Most cameras these days have a minimum of 60 feet night vision capability in complete darkness, some much more than that.

It is a proven fact from police statistics that if you have video footage of someone breaking into your house, the chances of catching them improve by 50%.

One of the best ways to improve your home security is with this set of Four Wireless Cameras that all have night vision capability and motion detection. Perhaps the best part is that they have remote viewing capability which means that you can view what your camera sees from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. It records directly to the hard drive of your computer using the included USB receiver. This can be a perfect solution for monitoring a vacation home or even your own home when you’re not there all at an affordable price.

The best way to stop burglars dead in their tracks is with a home security camera placed outside entry ways. Once they see those they go somewhere else.

Check out all of our Security Cameras. One of them can certainly help with your home security.

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