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Home Security – How to Prevent Break-Ins By Installing Fake Security Cameras

If you own a home or a small business, a security or surveillance camera is an absolute necessity. Insurance companies most certainly will demand a security camera for a small business. Most burglars cannot tell the difference between a real security camera and a fake one. There are indoor and outdoor models, and the latest versions of wireless models are complete with antennas. The key here is realism. And these cameras are so realistic looking that many of them have flashing LED lights just like the real thing that blink 24/7.

As a rule of thumb for your home a security camera should be placed by every egress and ingress and next to every outbuilding such as a detached garage or storage shed. If possible, get a camera angle of the side of the house including lower-level windows.

There are two excellent reasons why homeowners or business owners should consider getting a security camera. They send a clear unmistakable message to burglars who are casing the neighborhood looking for easy targets-to stay away. The other reason is that if they are not smart enough to stay away, their image will be captured which makes identification with law enforcement authorities much easier. Statistics show that if you have an image of a burglar to show police, the chances improve by 50% of catching him.

The biggest consideration in getting a fake security camera is the cost. A real security camera can run in the hundreds of dollars and depending on how many doorways and outbuildings there are you could need as many as four or five cameras which runs up the cost pretty quickly.

Fake security cameras have improved in quality so much in recent years that it would take an expert, such as a burglar, on close examination to distinguish the real thing from the fake. From a distance of even 15 or 20 feet, the Flashing Red LEDs that signal that the camera is operating and realistic looking wiring create an impression that this camera is the real deal.

Other models offer motion activated lens movement and even a verbal warning similar to the more expensive real versions. No one can tell the difference between the fake and the real ones.

What is not to like? You can improve your home security by possibly preventing home burglary by installing these inexpensive substitutes for security cameras and save some serious money in the process.

Please check out all of our lineup of Fake Security Cameras. One of them will be perfect for your needs.

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