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Home Security: How to Be in Two Places at the Same Time

My friend, Dave, has done very well in his life. He owns an import/export business and travels all over the world. Besides his business, which is based out of Denver, he owns a couple of properties in the resort towns of Vail and Squaw Valley- he loves to ski. And he frequently rents out his properties, usually just to people he knows, but occasionally the demand is such that he is forced to rent to people he doesn’t know so well.

He installed some cameras in his properties, mostly for security purposes. These cameras are networkable and give him the opportunity to see what’s going on when he’s not there. He can see his vacation home in Vail or Squaw Valley from his business in Denver or from his home in Englewood, Colorado. That is the power of remote Internet viewing. It allows you to be in two places at the same time.

Let me share with you a real-life example. Another friend, Betty, knows of the business I’m in so she asked my opinion about how to keep an eye on her elderly parents who live in a different part of town. I suggested the remote Internet surveillance idea to her. She liked it so much that she had it installed a week later.

Her parents do require 24-hour care. Betty shared with me that some items from her parents’ home go missing occasionally. She suspected the caregiver. This, of course, shocked the heck out of her because she is entrusting the lives of her parents to this person.

Betty was able to see what was going on at her parent’s house when she was at work or at home. All she had to do is log on to the IP address and see what was happening at the house. As it turned out the caregiver was honest and her parents just honestly misplaced the items. Betty breathed a sigh of relief.

Just about any product that’s networkable makes this possible.

You can use a USB or an IP receiver to monitor, record or playback any event over the Internet, do online streaming through your router and watch on your PC or your smartphone from anywhere that you can get an Internet connection.

Being in two places at the same time is not a trick or deception. It is absolutely doable and possible with remote Internet viewing.

The USB Fan Spy Camera gives you remote internet surveillance capability.

The Wi-Fi Air Purifier Camera allows to monitor, record or playback an event over the internet.

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