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Popular Pepper Sprays For Women

pink pepper spray pack

Defensive sprays, also known as pepper sprays, have been and always will be the most popular item for self-defense in the world. They are sold around the globe and are generally speaking the most popular item for female self-defense. So it is no wonder that manufacturers such as Mace brand, Streetwise, Fox Labs and others have designed pepper sprays specifically for women.

Here are the top three most popular pepper sprays for women.

The first one on the list is by Mace brand and contains as much is 20 half-second bursts of 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum or OC. It has a contoured easy grip and a hard case with a built-in keychain. And since it’s for women it is pink. It features a flip top safety to prevent accidental discharge. Mace brand is one of the few manufacturers that bench checks all of its products before packaging to ensure 100 percent firing capability which is indicative of the quality of Mace brand.

The second most popular pepper spray is by Streetwise and it’s also made in the United States. It has a 48 month shelf life, which is longer than most competitors. It contains 6 to 8 one second bursts and can fire up to 12 feet away. It is derived from four million Scoville heat units and is 46% hotter than competing brands. It has a UV marking dye for assailant identification and a locking safety actuator that prevents accidental firing. It also comes in pink. Streetwise may be the only manufacturer whose products are tested and certified by an independent lab-the same lab used by the US government.

And the most popular pepper spray that women use is by Eliminator brand. It is a three in one jogger pepper spray. It contains a 15% concentration of oleoresin capsicum and represents 2 million Scoville heat units. It contains 6 to 8 one second bursts with a range up to 20 feet that comes out in a stream which holds up better in outdoor conditions. It also has a UV marking dye which marks assailants for identification after the fact by police departments. Since so many women exercise outdoors by jogging, walking or cycling this jogger model is particularly effective. The elastic strap makes access while running or walking very easy. It also has a key ring attachment and a belt clip.

Those are the three most popular pepper sprays for women. They can of course be used by men, but women love the pink color and the sense of personal security and personal safety that these products give them.

The Streetwise pink pepper spray Soft Case spray is 46% hotter than competing brands.

The Eliminator Jogger Pepper Spray is by far the most popular model for women.

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