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Home Security – Four Great Home Burglary Prevention Tips

It isn’t every day that you get inside information from burglars on home security tips. Recently a burglar who committed just over 70 burglaries got caught. He agreed to share some of his inside information with police in the hopes of protecting homeowners from burglaries. He did his work in England where the penalties for burglary are much more severe than in the United States.

We should note that he did this, not out of the goodness of his heart, but in exchange for a more lenient sentence.

He said that it’s just as easy to get into a house in England as it is anywhere. He never had to break into a house. 90% of all burglaries in the United States occur through unlocked doors and windows.

So here are his top four ways to prevent home burglary from the perspective of a professional burglar.

The first thing was if he saw a pebbled walkway in the front or the back of the house that he avoided that house because it made way too much noise. That’s something that I’ve never heard before but makes perfect sense.

Secondly, he told authorities that if a dog was in the house that he avoided the house at all costs. Even if there was a sign of a dog it was enough to spook him and his fellow burglars. Sometimes you don’t even need a dog. If you’re a homeowner you can get the electronic watchdog, which makes realistic, angry, barking dog sounds when someone approaches a protected area. It’s an inexpensive and less troublesome way of protecting your house than getting a real barking dog.

The third thing that he told police was a showstopper for him were security cameras outside the house. Even if it was Fake Security Cameras no one could really tell the difference. That was enough to make him pick another house.

And a fourth thing he said was an absolute deterrent for him in committing a home burglary were lights. Motion activated spotlights and lights that go on and off randomly inside the house are enough to scare anyone away. They cast shadows and give the impression that someone is at home-an absolute no-no for burglars.

With home burglary on the increase throughout the United States, isn’t it worthwhile to listen to these tips from a professional burglar and follow them? Who better to get some home burglary prevention tips from than a professional burglar?

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