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Security: Fake Security Cameras – Three Of The Best That Can Improve Your Security

There is a simple reason why fake security cameras work so well at helping with home security or business security for that matter. They are so realistic looking that no one can tell the difference. Most of these fake cameras are inside a real security camera housing with just the camera taken out.

It is a well-established fact that they are a major deterrent to burglary-both home burglary and burglary of a business. There has to be a reason why almost every retail business in the world has some kind of a security camera. They are a major help to law enforcement agencies for apprehension of criminals so they may not only act as a deterrent, but as a tool for law enforcement. Here are three examples of fake security cameras, and after you read the description of each you’ll understand why they work so well as a major deterrent to crime.

First is a fake camera with motion detection and LED. The unit is one of the most popular fake cameras because it is so realistic. It has a motorized pan movement and blinking 24-hour red LED. It can adjust to almost any angle and is battery-operated so it needs no wiring. It installs easily with a standard screwdriver. When the camera detects motion it sweeps back and forth just like a real camera used for security.

The second example is a dummy smoky globe camera or dome camera. It is 12 inches in diameter and because it has a smoke finish, potential criminals have no idea which direction the camera is aiming. It is also battery-operated and is indistinguishable from the real security camera and works great for large ceilings. It can be used in conjunction with a real security camera system to give the appearance of coverage for a much larger area. It can be used inside a retail store or commercial business, school, hotel or wherever you need security. This camera is really not for home use.

And the last example is an extra-large parking lot Fake Security Camera. It also has a 24-hour flashing LED and is in an aluminum housing that is completely weatherproof. It has two authentic looking video cables, adjusts to almost any angle and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically with a standard screwdriver. This camera weighs almost 4 pounds and is about as realistic looking as any real security camera.

Those are three examples of some of the most realistic fake cameras for home or business security.

Please check out our entire selection of Fake Security Cameras. They are all realistic. No one can tell the difference. They work well for home and business security.

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