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Home Security – Three Of the Best Wireless Alarm Systems

With all break-ins that occur in homes around the country, it is no wonder why alarms and particularly wireless alarms are so popular. When it comes to home security and home security devices, a wireless alarm and wireless alarm systems are some of the most reliable and inexpensive home security alarms. Here are three of the best.

The first is the electronic watchdog. I think everybody knows how effective a watchdog is. But not everybody wants a watch dog and I can certainly understand that. With the electronic watchdog you get the best both worlds. It is a device which, when it is connected, protects an area up to 20 feet away through solid objects like doors and walls. Police will tell you that a barking dog is the best way to deter a burglar. Even burglars will tell you that when they hear a dog barking in the house they stay away. That’s what makes the barking dog alarm or the electronic watchdog one of the most effective wireless alarms in the world. The volume of the barking dog sound and the sensitivity are both adjustable. A remote control can arm/disarm the unit. Just make sure when you’re using it in your home that you stay away from the protected area so you don’t accidentally set it off.

Next, the eight piece home security alarm system is one of the more effective wireless alarms. It is a do-it-yourself home security alarm that provides the same level of security as a professionally installed system costing much more. It protects your home using a motion detector alarm that can detect motion from up to 30 feet away and two sensors for windows that can be used in conjunction with two magnetic contact sensors. Once motion is detected, a loud alarm and a blinding strobe light go off. The remote control can arm and disarm the system.

And last but not least is the  Voice Alert System. This features a base unit and up to six sensors/transmitters that can operate up to 1000 feet away in open space and 300 feet away through walls. Once motion is detected by the sensor, a prerecorded message for that area is played on the base unit located in the house. The voice alert system is really geared for outdoor use. The sensors/transmitters are completely weatherproof. They can protect a huge area even if you only get two or three of the sensors.

Those are three of the best wireless alarms for home security.

You can check all of our other Wireless Alarm Systems to see if one of them would be good for your home.

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