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Home Security Cameras – Three Product Reviews

One of the most effective ways you can protect your home is with a security camera. Home security is a huge business and home security cameras are one of the key components of that business. There are lots of products that will improve your home security, but none are any more effective than security cameras.

They actually protect your home in two ways. First they act as a deterrent to potential burglars. No burglar in his right mind will target a home that has a camera out front. They may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but they are knives nonetheless.

And the second way they act to protect your home is if a burglar does break in, he will be caught on video. Police tell us that if they have video of a burglar doing his thing, chances improve by 50% that he’ll get caught.

Here we’re going to do some product reviews of home security cameras so you can get a feel for what is available and make a decision on which one might be best for your home.

The first one is a USB DVR kit that has four indoor/outdoor weatherproof cameras that have infrared sensors in them to capture video in complete darkness. The cameras transmit wirelessly up to 300 feet away to the USB receiver. This kit has the ability to stream over the Internet for remote viewing. It comes with a software driver CD and four installation screw sets for the cameras

One of the most popular security cameras is actually a hidden camera that can record video and snap photos using a motion activated infrared sensor. It has no night vision capability to speak of but can record up to 23 feet away in daylight. It is completely wireless and weatherproof and is meant to be used outdoors. It is very cost-effective and one of the most popular on the market for video security.

And the third one is a wireless IP motion security camera that is perfect for home security, business security or even remote location security. It can view up to 100 meters away or over 300 feet. It sends wireless pictures to your computer monitor. The remote viewing capability allows for security anywhere in the world that you can get an Internet connection. Just think of the capabilities that this gives you.

Those are product reviews of three home security cameras that have differing capabilities but all basically do the same thing-provide video security of your home or business.

The Video Patrol Camera is weatherproof, wireless and is very inexpensive.

The IP Wireless Security Camera has wireless transmission and can record images up to 300 feet away.

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