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College Campus Crime – Are College Officials Harboring Felons?

Very few things crank up my engine like some of the events that led to this article. It started with a show on Fox news called “The Five.” One of the five permanent members of the panel is Bob Beckel, a respected Democratic strategist and the token liberal on the panel. The discussion recently was about handguns on campus. Beckel made the comment that he did not believe the statistics that one in four women is assaulted on a college campus.

Well we have news for you Bob! Those statistics have been around forever and have been corroborated time and time again. What is more alarming is that as few as one out of every ten sexual assaults is even reported. There are all kinds of reasons for this that we won’t get into here.

That got me started. Then there was an op-ed piece by Eileen McNamara where she was talking about sexual assaults on college campuses and raised the question are Deans out of their league in prosecuting these cases?

Way back in 1990, Congress passed the Clery act which required all universities that received any kind of government support to report annually on crime statistics on campus. This was a futile attempt to bring this dark issue out into the sunlight. College officials continue to hide the real statistics for fear it will bring a black mark to the University and affect enrollment.

No parent in their right mind wants to send their daughter to an unsafe campus! And college campuses are not as safe as people think they are. The serene, idyllic look of a college campus belies the dark underbelly of rape, sexual assault and drug use-a veritable feeding ground for crime.

With so few sexual assaults reported in the first place, when one is reported University officials prosecute the offender for violation of school policies, not as a felony investigated by the police. There is a big difference. “The courts are a better venue than a closed-door college hearing room for seeking justice in cases that by definition often lack witnesses and physical evidence.”

When a student is convicted of violating a school policy for sexual misconduct he may get a slap on the wrist rather than a jail sentence. In that sense, school officials are actually almost encouraging sexual assaults and rapes and harboring felons. To us that seems an outrage and apparently has struck a note with Ms. McNamara.

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