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Home Protection Products – Four Popular Products For Sale

Everyday in your community home burglaries are committed at a rate of one every 15 seconds. Property crime accounts for almost 80% of all criminal activity nationwide. And home invasions are becoming so commonplace anymore that many states are taking steps to penalize them more than a home burglary. As of now they are in the same category as a home burglary.

It is no wonder that the home security industry is growing so rapidly. It is hard not to notice all the ads for home security services and products on television and in the print media. Homeowners are figuring out that their biggest investment may be at risk of a home burglary for lack of a $15 home security device.

Some of the more popular products for home security include a random timer that controls lights going on and off in your home at different times to give the impression that someone is there. That is extremely effective for night security, but what about daytime?

It is a proven fact that the sound of a barking dog is the best deterrent against home burglary. Burglars and law enforcement authorities alike will tell you that the sound of a barking dog does more to prevent a burglary than any other single thing. But many people shy away from having a dog. That’s where the barking dog alarm comes in handy. It protects an area up to 20 feet away. If an intruder enters that area the sound of an angry barking dog starts. Ever since it was introduced years ago the barking dog alarm has been the most popular and effective home security product in the marketplace.

But here are a couple of other products that will help with your home security.

The first is a four pack of mini magnetic contact alarms. They can attach to any door or window in one second. When that door or window is opened a 90 dB alarm sounds to scare away any intruder. Each alarm has three settings; alarm, off or chime that allows the homeowner access by turning the alarm to the off position.

Another device that’s very effective is a Driveway Patrol. This product uses infrared motion detection to protect an area up to 400 feet away using a weatherproof motion detector that is put outside your house. If motion is detected the receiver inside the house sounds the alarm.

Those are four of the most popular home security devices that can be used to protect your home from home burglary and home invasion.

Check out our Magnetic Window Alarms that sound a 90 db alarm when a window or door is opened.

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